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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The life-cycle of a butterfly

METAMORPHOSIS is when a living creature changes. The change of a butterfly is what I will be explaining to you which is called the life-cycle. Frogs, cicadas and butterflies all metamorphosis which means they change to a different form.
Butterflies lay their eggs in the middle of leaves or stems of plants you could also find the eggs near a plant.The eggs are as small as a sesames seeds. The female butterfly lays hundreds of eggs on or near the leaf. Different species lay different kinds of eggs some oval,some cylinder and some circular.
When the caterpillar hatches the caterpillar is the size of a worm or the tip of a pencil.A caterpillar eats its way out of its egg then eats it. Caterpillars eat a lot so their skin gets tighter and tighter then they shed. They shed their skin 5-7 times in their stage sometimes it spits open. Caterpillars are sometimes called “eating machines” because they eat a lot. They grow 100 times it’s size from when it is born!.( Fact host and swan plant is the best food for caterpillars).
A chrysalis is a kind of vessel on twigs. A hard case forms around the chrysalis so no predators attack and ruin the chrysalis and if bad weather comes. Otherwise the tissue limb will not transform and turn it into a butterfly. A chrysalis can also be found other concealed places. The chrysalis will turn black and the butterfly will hatch.

When the butterfly comes out its wings are wet and damp. So  the butterfly clings on to its chrysalis,then open and closes its wings so the dampness and wetness comes off.
The most important thing a butterfly does is lay eggs because without eggs there will be no life-cycle.

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By Rachael

This term in writing we learnt about the life-cycle of a butterfly and had to explain it. This is what I learnt.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Beach Description

The smooth sand is scattered with shells ,rock and seagulls searching for food.Trees tower over the loose sand .The  trees come in order from biggest to smallest. A cave sets in the shadow of trees,its archway hole holds a hollow damp secret.A water falls in between the largest and medium trees. Small islands set on the blue horizon.

The salty aroma tornados around me from the deep blue sea. Rotting,dying shellfish send a disgraceful stench! Which tackles the warm,damp grass.The sour smell of sunblock makes my nose twitch side to side when people smooth it across their skin. The aroma of glorious fish & chips swirls around my nose pulling me towards it.

A light breeze settles on the glittery caustic sand and then picks it up effortlessly and lets it blow away. Trees rustle as the swelling wind passes by. Persistent waves run up my toes then reaches the dry sand and then retreats to it watery home. The burning sun radiates the hot sand making it shine even more.

There's a magic feeling when you go to the beach. A happy bright feeling comes to you when you go with your family correct? What do you feel when you go to the beach?

This week we have been writing a description about the beach. In my description I liked how I used my vocab.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Danger at sea

The Wonderful Wonka's read a book called Night on the Reef. A boy got caught in the waves but luckily his dad was there to save him.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Once upon a time there lived a young beautiful girl named Cinderella. When her mother passed away Cinderella’s father married another wicked woman who had her own two daughters named Pearl and Paige.The stepmother and stepsisters did not like a single bit about Cinderella. After Cinderella’s father died Cinderella became a slave in her own house.She had to sleep in the cold attic.

Cinderella had to wear ragged clothes. One sunny day as Cinderella was cleaning the front entrance of her house a loud bang hit the door. Cinderella opened the door and outside the door a short man stood and said “there shall be a grand ball at the castle at noon. Every maiden is invited.” Cinderella was so excited she took it to her stepmother straight away.

The stepmother and stepsisters went bonkers when they read the letter. Cinderella asked kindly she said “ please may I come to the ball too?” The stepmother and stepsisters laughed and laughed and said “ Will you come to the ball in those ragged clothes?”
I will knit my own clothes.” Cinderella said. Cinderella found one of her mother's dresses and knitted little accessories to make it look prettier. As she walked down the staircase the stepsisters and her step mother looked at Cinderella and felt jealous at how beautiful she looked. They started ripping her clothes. First they ripped the shoulder then the neckline. Cinderella’s dress was ruined top to bottom. The carriage arrived at the house  and Cinderella couldn't help but start crying as she looked at her cruel stepmother and stepsisters stepped into the carriage. Cinderella run to her garden. Suddenly out of nowhere a blue light appeared and it was her fairy godmother.

The fairy godmother asked Cinderella why she was crying. Cinderella replied, “Dear fairy godmother my stepmother and stepsister tore up my dress and I can’t go to the ball”.
Fairy god mother said,  “Get me three mice, a pumpkin, a goose and two lizards. Cinderella got as she was told. Fairy Godmother said “ bibbity bobbity boo”. The pumpkin turned into a golden carriage, the lizards turned into footmen and the mice turned into horses. Cinderella was amazed by the work her fairy godmother did. Cinderella was about to step into the carriage when she realised her dress was torn to pieces.
Cinderella said “ Fairy godmother,  my dress, my dress is in pieces. How can I go the ball?”
The fairy godmother took her wand and pointed gently to the torn up dress Cinderella was wearing. With the flick of Fairy Godmothers wand, Cinderella’s old dress turned into a pretty blue dress. Fairy godmother said “ hurry up dear you will be late and just remember the spell will end at 12 o’clock. Cinderella said “ That is more than I expected. Bye bye fairy godmother” and off she went to the ball.

Cinderella reached the castle and carefully stepped out of the carriage. As soon as the Prince saw her, he fell in love with her. The Prince asked Cinderella if he could dance the first and the second dance with her. Cinderella agreed and they went off to dance. The stepmother and the stepsisters did not recognise Cinderella but they were certainly felt jealous. Soon 12 o’clock struck. Cinderella run down the staircase, the Prince chased after her. While Cinderella was running one of her shoes fell off but she could not go back and get it. She had to keep on running.

The next day came everyone was talking about the mystery princess. The prince was very sad he said “we have to find the princess with this shoe. The guards went to every house and every bakery. They finally came to Cinderella’s house. They tried every maidens foot, finally they got to Cinderella’s foot and she tried it on. It fitted perfectly.

The guards took Cinderella and her stepmother and stepsister to the palace. Cinderella married the prince and the stepmother and stepsisters went to jail and they lived happily ever after.

          Image result for cinderella                           THE END


This week we have been writing fairy tales and we had to change the ending. I said the step mothers and stepsisters go to jail.  

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How to be a good runner

This week room 8 learned tips on how to be a good cross country runner.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Where am I?

Where am I ?

As I walk through the sliding doors I see people having hours of fun. I feel a gush of wind coming from the sliding doors. I walked into the corridor and waited for a room so I could change. The corridor was freezing cold. Someone slowly stroked out a room. I snatched the room so no one else could take it. I' could finally change and take a deep dive.

comment on my blog if you know where I am